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Northeast Alabama Community Development Corporation

Our Programs

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Acquisition Rehab and Rent

The purpose of the NACDC ARR Program will be to rehabilitate existing, abandon and blight properties to provide affordable rental housing for low to moderate income individuals and families. The lack of quality affordable housing has been and continues to be an oppressive influence in  people’s lives. This problem is not just about whether the roof leaks or the plumbing won’t work; it goes well beyond to the feeling of despair that becomes pervasive throughout the community where conditions such as these exist. While an improvement in housing conditions alone does not guarantee that poverty will be eliminated, a concentrated and sustained improvement in the quality and availability of safe, decent housing stock has proven to be a powerful influence on the attitudes and emotional well-being of residents.  Over the next five years, our goals are to address housing related health inequalities by addressing sub-standard housing conditions.  Our goal is to stabilize and revitalize targeted neighborhoods within Northeast Alabama.

Over a five-year period we will rehab 39 vacant and dilapidated existing structures, in the Northeast Alabama region. We shall create 3-bedrooms, 2-bath energy efficient, single-family rental homes, at an estimated total development cost of $62,280. This project will be an investment totaling more than $2,400,000 into the Northeast Alabama community.

Our Homes

Our renovated home will offer 3 and 2 bedrooms, 2 full baths, with outside lighting, energy efficient appliances and off road parking.  Our homes will maintain the integrity of the existing structure, while offering up-to-date amenities. The budget schedules maximum cost of $12,000 purchase cost per unit with an average investment rehab cost of no more than $50,000 for a total cost of $62,000 per unit.  The total number for 39 units costs a total of $2,400,000. Our initial plans are to rent from $525 to $600 per month, generating a gross income between $6,300-$7,200 annually/per unit.

Youth Development

Through the Northeast Alabama CDC’s, Inc. youth development programs will address the lack of youth-centered activities in Northeast Alabama. We are primarily operating all youth programs in Clay County.  NACDC seeks to provide positive opportunities for youth by working with school systems, by providing innovative and creative activities for our youth, by providing opportunities for parents to become well equipped to handle issues concerning their children, by providing after-school programs, providing youth led leadership summits, and by instituting life skills training to engage youth in productive activities.  Implementation of these programs will help deter the dropout and delinquency rate and increase the self-esteem of youth to allow them to become productive citizens.

NACDC  has the following program available:

  • ROM – Restoring Options through Mentoring to create a positive atmosphere between adults and youth.
  • ROLL – Restoring Options through Leadership and Learning to teach leadership skills and increase patriotism among youth.  These programs will be initially implemented through tutoring, mentoring and Parent Project® component. Through Parent Project® we provide concrete strategies for parents dealing with teens who display destructive and out of control behavior and poor school performance. The youth curriculum is titled Personal and Social Responsibility.  These curriculums consist of a 10-16 week program (one day a week, two hour session) facilitated by trained professionals.
  • HIPPY (Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters) is a school readiness program that prepares at-risk preschoolers (age 3, 4 and 5) for success in school. HIPPYUSA provides parents and/or other primary caregivers with information, skills, materials, and support to become actively involved in the education of their children and establish their homes as dynamic learning environments.  These programs are Free to the public.
  • ROWDY – Restoring Options through Workforce Development  to help prepare youth for the workforce by introducing them to basic work skills. Clay County High School Career Technology Program (Co-Op) joined with NACDC to be a host site for graduating seniors to partake in youth leadership training, community service projects, and workforce preparation.
  • A recently joint venture with a branch of the Achievement Center- Easter Seals Disability Services was formed.  SCSEP (Senior Citizen Service Employment Program) is a program that allows NACDC to be a host agency in providing job training and employment services for eligible individuals over the age 55. NACDC will help seniors gain the skills necessary to obtain employment and achieve economic independence.
  • ROSAE – Restoring Options through Substance Abuse Education to create substance abuse awareness in youth. The Northeast Alabama CDC has partnered with the Clay County School System to facilitate an 11-week substance abuse prevention and awareness program. Project ALERT is a nationally recognized substance abuse program for 7th & 8th grade which offers students insight, understanding, and actual skills for resisting drugs and alcohol.
  • The Northeast Alabama CDC has partnered with the Clay County School System to facilitate an 8-week MONEY SMART Program which provides financial education workshops for grades 7-12 through a 10 Money Smart Training Modules. The MONEY SMART Program is supported and sponsored through the FDIC.


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